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A Recap of Summer BID Events by Moustafa Abdelnaby, 2016 Summer Intern

Throughout the summer of 2016 the Sutphin Boulevard Business improvement district (BID) has been out participating and helping the community at many different events. The cooperation between the community and the BID opens up many paths for improvement and a greater standard of life for all Jamaica residents. Some of these events include the ribbon cutting event for the new façades, a Jameco Exchange exhibition event for African art, and the participation of the BID in the MTA police meeting where many issues as well as solutions were brought up to help the community.

before andafter of facade
The Sutphin Blvd recently completed a ribbon cutting event which was for the new facades that the bid helped small businesses put up. On July 27, 2016 the Sutphin Blvd BID along with the Department of Small Business Services revealed a project that would give a face-lift to seven small businesses on Sutphin Blvd and give them a pleasing aesthetic look.


This project was made possible from a $95,000 grant from SBS through Its 2015 Neighborhood Challenge program. This is a very big accomplishment for the BID and Sutphin Blvd because with the new facades the businesses have a more attractive look to them, which in return brings in new curious customers.

Another event the BID participated in was the temporary Jameco Exchange art exhibit hosted by 165th Street Mall and attended by the Sutphin Blvd BID and Jamaica center Bid. The Art exhibit showcased art from local artist displaying art from the rich history of Jamaica Queens. Some of the art displayed Jamaica’s Jazz and hip hop culture. This event was very significant to the community as Jamaica attracts hundreds of people a day and having an art exhibit exposes Jamaica’s beauty while also bringing fascinating art by local artists to the community.

At the MTA police meeting many issues were discussed about Jamaica as well as many solutions to these issues. The BID likes reeving community feedback as knowing what complaints the community has is detrimental to the success of the BID as well as the growth and revitalization of Jamaica.

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SYEP 2016 Summer Interns (Destiny, Kyle, Russell, Damio, Moustafa and Hamza)

In all it was a very full summer, but well spent. Great things are coming to the district and the community can rest assured that we are working diligently for them.