Public Safety – NCO

The BID works with the 103rd police precinct in it’s Neighborhood Policing program to assist Sutphin’s Neighborhood Coordination Officers(NCO). NCOs serve as a liaison between the police and the community. The program uses a comprehensive strategy of crime fighting focusing on improving communication and collaboration between the NCOs and the community they serve. NCOs are your local problem solvers. They spend all their working hours within their assigned sectors getting to know the neighborhood, it’s community and it’s problems in order to provide the best of service.

Meet Officers Logan and Alexander

Officer Chris Logan grew up in Queens, the son of two cops. For 10 years, he has served the 103rd Precinct, coming to the realization during that time that “problems do not always need to be solved with handcuffs or summonses.”

Raised in Queens, Officer Nadiyah Alexander has served the 103rd Precinct for four years. Since becoming a Neighborhood Coordination Officer, she enjoys connecting with the community. “It feels good to be recognized on the street”, she says. “With the NCO program, people are happy to see us. We are here to help, so don’t ever feel like you can’t talk to us.”