Visual Merchandising

The Sutphin Blvd. BID is offering a FREE Visual Merchandising program to retailers in the district. This program will work to enhance the shopping experience on Sutphin Boulevard by creating inviting storefront appearances that make pedestrians feel comfortable and eager to buy.

The program accomplishes this by offering businesses located within the district the opportunity to have their storefront windows designed at no cost by an expert visual merchandiser that the BID has hired. Once enrolled in the free program, the visual merchandiser will work with you to strategically plan, design, and install an eye-catching window display for your store.


Your storefront is what stands between a passerby and your merchandise, and the way your storefront looks influences whether a passerby will open your door and come in over the threshold. In the shopping-center industry, you have only 2.5 seconds to capture the attention of a passerby and to motivate them to enter your store. Visual Merchandising is a tool that does just that. Visual Merchandising techniques work to turn the exterior appearance of your storefront into a positive visual image of your business, in part through the design of your window display. When done well, Visual Merchandising announces to pedestrians what they can expect to find inside your store, attracts them in, and ultimately results in increased visits and sales.


  • The creation of a visual merchandising plan tailored specifically for your store.
  • Expert advice on how to maintain your store’s visual merchandising plan.
  • Increased ease for a customer to find and purchase the items they want or need.
  • Increased customer traffic and sales.
  • Increased competitive edge.
  • The BID pays all consultation, design, material, and installation fees up to a predetermined amount.
  • All for FREE to the business.


  • Enroll in the program by contacting the Sutphin Boulevard BID.
  • Once enrolled, a BID staff member, the visual merchandiser, and the owner or manager of the participating business will meet at the store to discuss what products or ideas the window display should promote.
  • The visual merchandiser submits a proposed design to both the business owner/manager and the BID for approval.
  • Upon approval, the designer purchases the necessary materials and installs the display.


Karl Peters founded DIE Creative after over seventeen years in the fields of management and design. He entered the profession as an on-site project manager, developing design/build projects and site-specific installations. Working in many facets and scales of the design business, Karl has developed a keen understanding of the implications of scheduling, budget, and the need to always surpass client expectation. Over the years, Karl has been instrumental in developing innovative branding solutions, in both graphic and interior design, for a diverse list of clients, with brand names that include Coca Cola, Scholastic, Urban Outfitters, The North Face, and MTV.

DIE CREATIVE is a full-service design firm specializing in branding and commercial interiors that sees design as an essential component in the development of unique identities. DIE Creative creates graphic and spatial design solutions that establish and enhance a client’s message in order to deliver a positive and memorable result. DESIGN IS ESSENTIAL.

This program is offered on a first come-first-serve basis and participants must agree to the following rules and regulations:

  1. The Business is located within the BID boundaries (Sutphin Boulevard between Hillside and 94th Avenues).
  2. The applicant is the business owner, or a manager with written permission to enroll in this program from the business owner.
  3. The BID pays all consultation, design, material, and installation fees up to a predetermined amount. The BID welcomes your input with regard to merchandise you would like to have featured in your window, however we ask that you allow our visual merchandiser to proceed with the display work as he deems best. The expert we have hired is very talented in his field and will make every effort to present your store/business to its best advantage.
  4. Once your window display has been completed by the visual merchandiser, you agree to add or change the display only in ways defined by the maintenance plan that the visual merchandiser discusses with you individually, for one calendar year. Participants will be billed for these services if they fail to uphold this agreement. The maintenance plan is created on a custom case basis with you since each business presents different products, services, window space, and architecture.
  5. In the event that you feel the need to add or change the display, you must contact the BID first.
  6. Please light your window at night. If possible, keep your window lit until 9:00pm or 10:00pm so that your products and displays can be seen by evening passerby traffic.


Members interested in the program can apply to receive services as additional funding becomes available.  Click here to download the registration form.