Who We Are

Board of Directors


John Melackrinos
Board Chairman
Robbyn Stewart
Board Vice Chair

Property Owners

Sami Atallah
Kharag Pawnbrokers, Inc.
David Bang
Supreme Court/Court Parking
Paul Anagnostopoulos
First Parking Systems Corp
Domenick Catalano
87-74 Realty Corp.
Alexander Taylor  

BRP Companies

Business Owners

Alex Sachakov

Sutphin Urgent Care

Alix Duroseau, Jr.

Law Office of Alix Duroseau Jr.  Esq

Government Officials

Hon. Bill DeBlasio*
Mayor, the City of New York
Represented by Commissioner Greg Bishop, NYC Dept. of Small Business Services
Represented by Teresa Garcia
Hon. Scott Stringer*
Comptroller, the City of New York
Represented by
Hon. Melinda Katz*
President, The Borough of Queens
Represented by Shurn Anderson
Hon. Rory Lancman*
The Council of the City of New York, District 24
Represented by Masis Sarkissian
Yvonne Reddick*
(non-voting member)
District Manager, Community Board 12

*service ex-officio


Glenn Greenidge
Executive Director


David Goldberg
Co Owner
Joe Maffia

CPA – Janover, LLC

Rodney Nasimi 
CPA – Janover, LLC
Ed Migliaccio
New York Christimas – Holiday Lights

Member List

21 Front Corp

87-74 Realty Corp

87-80 Sutphin Bl Prop Cp

87-82 Sutphin Blvd LLC

88 Carlton Associates

90 59 Sutphin Realty

90 59 Sutphin Realty LLC

90 63 Sutphin Blvd Realty Corp

90 65 Sutphin Blvd Realty Corp

90-69 Sutphin Blvd Corp

90-71 Sutphin Boulevard Realty Corp

9104 Sutphin LLC

93-01 Sutphin Blvd Land Company LLC

93-43 Sutphin LLC

9343 Sutphin LLC

ACHS Management Corporation

Arbern Rlty Co

Courthouse Square Realty Co. LP

Bob Maus

David Bloom


Estate of James J. Mannix

Gem Financial Services

Ipiros Properties Inc. C/O Blackman

Jonas Equities Inc.


N and N Realty Corp

New York State Owned

Old Windsor Management

Park Nochin

Peter Olin

Radin Enterprises L

Rik Hen Realty Corp

Sami Atallah

Share Equities Corp

Sutphin Airtrain Re

Tae J Yoon

Thanasules John

Titan Willard LLC

Tolis Property Associates LLC

Z&N Hillside/Sutphin LLC

Zakon Realty LLC